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About Blue Water Environmental

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Blue Water Environmental, LLC provides a solution for homeowners, contractors, architects and engineers with an efficient way to dispose of wastewater into the environment with a treatment system called Hydro-ActionŽ. The Hydro-ActionŽ system is used when traditional environmentally un-friendly septic systems cannot be used. The heart of the Hydro-ActionŽ system uses Mother Nature to do the dirty work. The system utilizes an aerobic process to treat the wastewater, without the use of chemicals or filters. This technology solves issues due to poor soil conditions, land restrictions, and high ground water.

The exclusive distributor of Hydro-Action in:

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Maryland
  • and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Our Services

Blue Water Environmental is the sole distributor for Hydro-ActionŽ in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We provide dealers with superior products and customer service, and are actively interviewing prospective dealers.

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